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    Welcome to the Leadership Level Up with Martin Moore
    • An introduction to the masterclass
    • Before we get started
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    Lesson 1 // Master Tough Conversations
    • Master Tough Conversations
    • Extra Resources: Podcast episodes, transcript and the Five Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Feedback download
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    Lesson 2 // Find Clarity in Ambiguity
    • Find Clarity in Ambiguity
    • Extra Resources: Podcast episode and transcript
  • 4
    Lesson 3 // Do The Job You're Paid To Do
    • Do The Job You're Paid To Do
    • Extra Resources: Podcast episodes, transcript and the Five Point Plan to Successfully Transition to the Next Level download
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    Lesson 4 // Build Real Resilience
    • Build Real Resilience
    • Extra Resources: Podcast episode, transcript and your Four Tips to Build Resilience for Success download
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    Lesson 5 // Put Self Interest Aside
    • Put Self Interest Aside
    • Extra Resources: Podcast episodes, transcript and the Five Rules of Thumb for Exercising Power download
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    Next Steps...
    • Congrats! Here's what's next
    • Doing this survey would help us a lot!

Masterclass Outcomes

  • Become aware of your blindspots

    As a leader, the last thing you want is to have your career derailed by destructive blind spots. This masterclass will make you aware of five of the biggest career blindspots that leaders of today face.

  • Implement new strategies immediately

    In each lesson, Marty offers tips and strategies that are immediately implementable, that you can start practicing today. The lessons all have extra resources that will help you continue your learning journey, enabling you to discover new tips and techniques for becoming an exceptional leader.

  • Increase your leadership capability

    These simple but powerful concepts will boost your leadership capability, enabling you to lead your organisation to deliver exceptional results.

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Your Leadership Expert

  • Martin Moore

    Founder of Your CEO Mentor

    Martin Moore

    Marty is a Chief Executive Officer with the sole purpose of improving the quality of leaders globally. From university drop out to CEO of a multi-billion dollar business, Martin forged a successful career working for a range of blue-chip companies across multiple industries. As CEO of CS Energy, Martin drove sustainable safety performance and culture change, while growing earnings from $18m to $441m per annum, a compound annual growth rate of 125%. In a career spanning over 30 years, Martin demonstrated career agility before it was trendy, holding senior executive roles in Sales and Marketing, Finance, Strategy, and IT. Martin has stepped out of his corporate CEO role to focus on his passion project, Your CEO Mentor. He is committed to helping organisations deliver real value uplift through improving leadership capability, and unlocking the latent potential of the workforce. He holds an Executive MBA from the QUT Graduate School of Business, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program.


  • How long will the masterclass take?

    Each video is between 3 - 5 minutes. We also provide transcripts if you forgot your headphones on the bus! Each lesson has additional resources, so either podcast episodes to listen to for further learning, or a worksheet. These are optional, we just add them in there to give you extra value and learning on these topics!

  • How much is the masterclass?

    Zero. Zilch. Zip. The Leadership Level Up masterclass is completely free. We are dedicated to creating as much high value, free content for our community as possible, so this one is on us!

  • Is this masterclass for me?

    If you're a leader, or an aspiring leader, who wants to quickly level up their leadership capability, then this is for you! The concepts Marty covers are simple but powerful, and when implemented they can make the difference between a successful career, and a derailed career.

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