What would it mean for you as a leader, if you had the capability, the will and the confidence to deal with any challenge that comes your way?

This program could be the game changer for your career progression, job satisfaction and, ultimately, your financial security. 

I've taken my 30+ years of practical leadership experience and created this program based on my tried and tested strategies; the 7 Pillars of Leadership Performance unlock the secrets of exceptional leadership. 

I left my role as CEO of a multi-billion dollar business because I want to improve the quality of leaders globally - starting with you. 

Leadership Beyond the Theory is Your CEO Mentor's flagship 7-week leadership program, designed to produce confident leaders who stand out from the pack.

The program is built upon Marty's 7 Pillars of Leadership Performance, and is delivered through a series of short interactive video-based lessons, each week a different module challenging your thinking and behaviours. 

The concepts are deceptively simple, but incredibly powerful, driven from the experience of a successful CEO.

Each lesson delivers practical insights that will unlock your potential and exponentially increase your leadership effectiveness. 

From here, the results flow, and so do the rewards. 

The next cohort will run in July 2019, so make sure you're on the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open! We will be limiting the cohort numbers to ensure every student gets the attention they need to succeed.


Our three step process

If you complete all three steps each week, we guarantee that you will boost your leadership skills

  • Watch the videos

    Each week for seven weeks, you will gain access to a new module that consists of easy-to-follow videos with accompanying worksheets and resources. We recommend allowing 30 minutes each day. This will allow time to reflect on the content, and integrate the techniques into your existing leadership repertoire.

  • Build your network

    Exchange ideas and have discussions on best practice with your cohort