Investment options

If this only brought your next promotion closer, it could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you! It's important to us that we make this program as economically viable as possible, to ensure that every leader has the opportunity to access it. We believe so strongly that you will benefit from this content, that we also offer a 100% money back guarantee.

What would it mean for you as a leader, if you had the capability, the will and the confidence to deal with any challenge that comes your way?

This program could be the game changer for your career progression, job satisfaction and, ultimately, your financial security. 

I've taken my 30+ years of practical leadership experience and created this program based on my tried and tested strategies; The 7 Pillars of High Performance Leadership unlock the secrets of exceptional leadership. 

I left my role as CEO of a multi-billion dollar business because I want to improve the quality of leaders globally - starting with you. 

Leadership Beyond the Theory is Your CEO Mentor's flagship 7-week leadership program, designed to produce confident leaders who stand out from the pack.

The program is built upon Marty's 7 Pillars of High Performance Leadership, and is delivered through a series of short interactive video-based lessons, each week a different module challenging your thinking and behaviours. 

The concepts are deceptively simple, but incredibly powerful, driven from the experience of a successful CEO.

Each lesson delivers practical insights that will unlock your potential and exponentially increase your leadership effectiveness. 

From here, the results flow, and so do the rewards. 

Our 91% student completion rate demonstrates both the value and the manageability of this 7-week program.

What our past students say



"I don’t think there is anything else like Leadership Beyond the Theory on the market. You look out there and there’s not a lot of simple, practical, online leadership education of this quality to be found. I think you’ve found a real niche.”



"The immediate practical application that I could take to my workplace as soon as I finished a module was perfect. it enabled me to stop ‘doing’ and take more time to ‘lead’."



“Leadership Beyond the Theory gave me the tools I needed to pitch myself to the next level. I used them, and it worked.”



"We've all had ineffective managers/bosses in our careers and wished they could have provided better guidance and been more supportive. This program teaches you how to go out there and BE the boss you've always wished you had."



“I actually got a hell of a lot out of the program. For someone who is at the same level as me considering the program, I’d say 100% do it.”



"The transformation I underwent over the 7 weeks by doing the program was incredibly impactful. I was able to re-assess my strengths and weaknesses and have now figured out where it's worth investing more time to further improve."



“I would definitely recommend people in the same team or organisation going through the program together. Now we have this new language that we are using with each other every day, and that’s going to help us to change our behaviours.”



"What really resonated with me was the fact that Marty has been in the trenches as a CEO. There are plenty of books and programs written by people who are just full of theory but they’ve never actually practiced this job and they don’t have real world experience.”



"If you want a tactical value return, put a handful of your leaders through LBT. But I can guarantee you, if you were able to institutionalise the program, you would create a highly constructive culture, which would deliver immense value to any organisation.”



"What I found most valuable was being able to download Marty’s brain and listen to his inner workings as a successful CEO - I mean when would you ever get hours and hours of access to someone of his level & credibility teaching you their leadership secrets?”

Your teacher

From university drop out to CEO of a multi-billion dollar business, Marty forged a successful 30+ year career working for a range of major businesses across multiple industries. 

He demonstrated career agility before it was trendy, holding senior executive roles in Sales and Marketing, Finance, Strategy, and IT. 

Best known as the CEO who turned around CS Energy, he led his team to implement sustainable culture change, driving earnings growth from $18m to $441m, a compound annual growth rate of 125%. 

Marty is now pursuing his true purpose; to improve the quality of leaders globally, each week reaching tens of thousands of leaders in over 60 countries with his chart-topping, 5-star rated podcast 'No Bullsh!t Leadership'.

A life-long learner with insatiable curiosity, Marty holds an MBA from the QUT Graduate School of Business, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program.

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Our three step process

If you complete all three steps each week, we guarantee that you will boost your leadership skills

  • Watch the videos

    Each week for seven weeks, you will gain access to a new module that consists of easy-to-follow videos with accompanying worksheets and resources. We recommend allowing 30 minutes each day. This will allow time to reflect on the content, and integrate the techniques into your existing leadership repertoire.

  • Build your network

    Exchange ideas and have discussions on best practice with your cohort in a private Leadership Beyond the Theory LinkedIn group. It is here that we will post Q&A videos, as well as extra resources that are required throughout the program.

  • Live Q&A with Marty

    Each week (different sessions will run depending on your time zone) you will have live access to Marty through a Q&A video conference, where you will be able to further consolidate your learning of each module. While these sessions aren't compulsory, we highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity.

Course curriculum

These are the lessons you'll cover in the program

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    • Webinar 1 Replay

    • Webinar 2 Replay

  2. 2
    • Webinar 1 Replay

    • Webinar 2 Replay

  3. 3
    • Webinar 1 Replay

    • Webinar 2 Replay

  4. 4
    • Webinar Replay 1

    • Webinar Replay 2

  5. 5
    • Webinar Replay 1

    • Webinar Replay 2

  6. 6
    • Webinar Replay 1

    • Webinar Replay 2

  7. 7
    • Webinar Replay 1

    • Webinar Replay 2

Is this program for me?

  • You aspire to be the best

    Despite the long hours, professional development and years of experience, many leaders know that they aren't yet performing at their peak. This program unlocks latent leadership potential.

  • You are lacking confidence

    When career-defining outcomes are achieved, your confidence will grow quickly. Nothing builds confidence faster than seeing results, and this program is designed specifically to help you deliver results, fast!

  • You don't feel in control

    If you don't feel as though you have control of your team and the results they produce, this program will help you take control and establish your brand as the leader who always delivers, and the boss who everyone wants to work for.

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Taking this program will enable you to:

  • Identify and stop non-value adding activities, providing strategies to deliver value both personally and through your team

  • Become a master at handling conflict by learning Marty's tried and tested methods, enabling you to confidently and comfortably have tough conversations when they inevitably present themselves

  • Build resilience using Marty's strategies to develop perspective, and learn how to acquire 'grace under pressure'

  • Transition from a technical role to a leadership role with confidence, helping you work your way through the challenges of leaving your comfort zone and making you the most promotable person in the office

  • Learn to use ambiguity to your advantage, while giving you the confidence to chart a course through ambiguity with ‘no regrets moves’

  • Empower your people in even the most complex of organisations through clear accountability, and eliminate micromanagement to enable them to perform at their best

  • Make decisions with confidence by using Marty’s strategies that keep your organisation moving forward and completely avoid analysis paralysis

  • Learn how to get the most from your people in decision making, and how to communicate major decisions

Complete confidence

Roseanne Gaut, Principal, Dowling Real Estate

“I now have the confidence to have the difficult conversations and to let people go if they are not a good fit, for their good and the good of the business."

Highly engaging

Matthew Hogan, Senior Metallurgical Engineer, ALS

"Leadership Beyond the Theory is very engaging and it's likely that you'll learn something about yourself that you were previously unaware of. Ultimately it has the potential to make you a better person, which in turn will make you a better leader."

So practical, money well spent

Antonia Mercorella, CEO, REIQ

“Best leadership program I have ever participated in! I loved how practical and real the program was. No BS management speak and the real life examples were excellent. I loved Marty's style and highly practical approach. SO refreshing.”

Strategising with confidence

Martin Bishop, Chief Operating Officer, Supawood

"The most powerful benefit of Leadership Beyond the Theory is that I genuinely feel more confident to implement the leadership strategy that I believe is best for my team and the organisation."

Strong leadership is key

Mel Zipf, Assistant Business Manager, St James Lutheran College

"This program has shown me that leadership is leadership, regardless of the industry. ‘Soft’ leadership is poor form, and sets a team up to fail for a multitude of reasons."

Timeless lessons and resources

Jordan Biglin, Project Mine Geologist

"The program is definitely worth doing. It’s given me confidence, knowledge of the corporate world, and a lot of tools to use, so I’ll definitely be going back to the lessons and resources regularly throughout my career.”

Relevant to all types of businesses

Fiona Maraca, Membership and Product Manager, REIQ

“It is incredibly relevant and easily adaptable to all businesses. The hands-on takeaways are great and I can use the information from the day that I hear it. I love that I can go back and listen to the lessons, and that there are the sheets as well to confirm, and reconfirm what I am learning.”

Immediate implementation

Luke Schoff, Principal

"To sum it up, it just hit the spot for me. I’m halfway through my masters, and I do love theory, but this program was really practical, and that’s exactly what I needed. It gave me practical strategies that I could take and apply immediately."

A new leadership toolkit

Damien Bock, Development Manager (Real Estate), Aurizon

"The program didn’t just change my view on leadership, it gave me a suite of practical tools and an awareness of core concepts that I can now use to build my career and personal leadership style.”

Incredibly beneficial

Kate Baddeley, Managing Consultant (PR)

"I'm already finding it incredibly beneficial to my career as I step into a new leadership role. It's boosted my confidence and given me simple, easy to understand concepts that I can apply daily. Now I know how to get the best out of my team."
Watch Intro Video

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  • How long will it take me to complete the program?

    A new module will be released each week for 7 weeks, after which you will have access to the entire program, for life.

  • How much time will I need to spend on the program each week?

    We've designed this program to fit relatively easily into your busy life. You don't need to take time off work, or sacrifice going to your kid's soccer game! Our students say that the manageability of this program is one of the most valuable things about it. We recommend you spend 30 minutes each day watching the videos, doing any of the accompanying worksheets and reflecting on what that lesson means in your context. Some students like to do it on their commute into work, others do it in one block on a Saturday afternoon, or block out chunks of time in the boardroom during the week - whatever works best for you and your lifestyle! If you would like to join the weekly live webinars with Marty (which we highly recommend), that will add an extra hour to the program commitment each Sunday.

  • How much does the program cost?

    The investment for Leadership Beyond the Theory (tax deductible of course) is $2,250+GST AUD. If this only brought your next promotion 12 months closer, it could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you!

  • Can I go on a payment plan?

    Yes. You can pay the whole cost up front (and save a few hundred dollars), or you can go on a 3 or 6 month payment plan. We want to make this program as economically viable as possible.

  • Do you have a money back guarantee?

    Yes. We believe so strongly that you will benefit from this content, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can find more info on that at www.yourceomentor.com/moneybackguarantee

  • Will I have direct access to Marty?

    Absolutely. Each week Marty will run a weekly Q&A session via video conference. We'll run different sessions depending on your time zone, which you'll become aware of in the first week of the program. While these sessions aren't compulsory, we highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity. It will give you a chance to ask Marty questions about that week's module, and gain any clarity you need to start implementing.

  • Why is this program different from any other?

    We think our students outline this pretty well in their case studies which you can find at www.yourceomentor.com/casestudies, but we think that this program is unique because it is taught by a successful CEO who has already walked the path. Marty's '7 Pillars of High Performance Leadership' distills his 30+ years of leadership success into a proven, practical roadmap. It simplifies complex leadership concepts, and gives you the tools to actually implement change.

  • Can I share my login?

    No. Whereas it is physically possible to share your login, this would be the same as ‘pirating’ any content (such as movies and music). We know that you are leaders with high integrity, and we trust you to respect this.

  • What will I receive upon completion of the program?

    You will receive a Leadership Beyond the Theory certificate that outlines the modules you have completed.

Investment options

If this only brought your next promotion closer, it could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you! It's important to us that we make this program as economically viable as possible, to ensure that every leader has the opportunity to access it. We believe so strongly that you will benefit from this content, that we also offer a 100% money back guarantee.